A Secure, Profitable Transaction Begins by Owning
the Right Answers to the Right Questions

Sale of your publishing business is the largest and likely most important transaction of your career. It’s imperative that it be confidentially managed for maximum profit and safety. Dave Gauger is experienced in “measuring” market strength and franchise value. Put this experienced newspaper sales negotiator on your side of the table. With Dave’s expertise, your interests are protected — you enjoy the benefits of a level playing field while expanding your options. Rent a pro!  

The decision to sell, whether prompted by approaching retirement or expanding opportunities, is usually reached very deliberately over a period of many months, and often even two or three years. There’s a lot at stake, therefore it’s essential that pitfalls be avoided. A secure and profitable sale begins by “owning” the right answers to the right questions:

Who are the most likely buyer prospects?

As a media consultant, Dave is in the marketplace daily. He knows who the serious buyers are and what parameters they have established for their next acquisition. Dave will help you navigate around the “bottom fishers.”

When is the best time to sell?

This important decision always is a compromise between the owner’s personal agenda, business imperatives, and marketplace dynamics. It’s a decision best made when armed with as much information as possible.

Why hire a media consulting firm?

The most important transaction of your publishing career must be confidentially managed for maximum safety and profit. A selling publisher has a significant, and often costly, disadvantage when negotiating with larger buyers who are represented by highly experienced negotiating teams. With Dave’s expertise representing your interests you enjoy the benefits of a level playing field. Dave can expand your options, and be an objective adviser with whom you can share personal concerns unique to your sale.

What am I selling?

In reality, a publisher has only three things to sell:   1) the market, 2) the strength of the franchise built in that market, 3) revenue and cash flow. GMS is experienced in measuring the market strength and franchise quality. It is this “measure” that determines the multiples to be applied to cash flow and annual gross revenue for determining your company’s value.

Where do I find the buyer who is right for me?

Because GMS is constantly in the marketplace Dave is regularly contacted by individuals and corporations scouting for acquisitions. Dave is your exclusive representative in a search for the qualified buyer — screening prospective buyers — freeing you to focus your attention on the intense and highly demanding day-to-day management of your publishing business.

How do I know I’m getting top dollar?

By working with a professional media consultant who is in the market daily — someone who understands the many factors driving current market values, someone highly experienced in negotiating, someone committed to your best interests.