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Gauger Media Service, Inc. is a highly respected business intermediary specializing in professional valuation, merger, acquisition, divestiture and consulting services to sellers and buyers in the publishing industry throughout North America. The firm’s experience includes daily and non-daily newspapers, shoppers, magazines and niche publications.

Since founding this Northwest-based company in 1987 Dave Gauger has been committed to a unique approach to serving GMS clients. He believes a media broker should do more than just bring a buyer and seller together. Dave’s goal is to obtain maximum value for his clients through expert execution of a detailed transaction plan.

This means determining current market value, keeping in mind that a selling publisher is poorly served by consultants promising prices that extend beyond marketplace reality. Dave is in the publications marketplace daily with his fingers on the pulse of willing buyers and sellers. He’s experienced in “measuring” market strength and franchise value.  

Once you know your company’s market value Dave forges a performance team by working closely with you and your accountant and attorney.

Know your options before entering into the most important transaction of your career. Attempting to negotiate a substantial part of your net worth alone is not prudent. If you’re a typical selling publisher you enter the fast-changing publications marketplace once or perhaps twice during your career, while large corporate buyers are backed by teams of highly experienced acquisitions experts. With Dave’s expertise on your side of the table, your interests are protected — you enjoy the benefits of a level playing field and expanded options.

Dave prepares a detailed offering memorandum which is the official selling document for your publishing business. Typically a GMS offering memorandum contains market and publication profiles, along with financial and personnel profiles. Also included is the “offering” which defines expected price and terms. Since today’s savvy buyers worship at the altar of cash flow Dave formats the financial profile in a way that acknowledges buyers’ interest in ROI. This means presenting a three to five-year financial history with carefully documented EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization). Added to EBITDA are non-recurring and discretionary expenses for a calculated adjusted cash flow.  

Rent a pro and capitalize on Dave’s many years experience appraising and confidentially managing sales and purchases of closely held publishing businesses. His experience includes 25 years owning and operating a group of award-winning newspapers, a central web printing plant, and an FM radio station. GMS confidentially manages your transaction with minimum business disruption while maximizing your profit and security.


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"Dave has handled sales of two weekly newspapers, three business journals and one lifestyle monthly magazine for us over the course of a few decades. In each case, he found great, qualified buyers, handled the transaction without any bumps, and the deals were all completed in a timely manner. Dave didn’t always tell us what we wanted to hear, but his knowledge of the marketplace meant what he did tell us was spot on. Especially nice for us, too, each deal was all cash, and none of the buyers have come back after the transactions with complaints of misrepresentation. Dave was fair and honest to us, and, I believe, fair and honest with the buyers."

Mike & Donna Cassidy, Retired Newspaper & Magazine Publishers Wenatchee, Washington

"Dave Gauger was friendly, thorough and looked out for our best interests as my sister, brother-in-law and I sold our three newspapers in southwest Nebraska and northeast Colorado. He had industry connections to help us finalize details, and he truly cared about the outcome. After the sale, he compiled a complete synopsis of all the details of the transaction process in spiral bound format to preserve the info for us."

Brenda Brandt, Vice President/Johnson Publications Inc. Imperial, Nebraska

"I got to know Dave Gauger in the late 1970s when I was a cub reporter at a weekly newspaper in a small town in northwest Washington State. At that time, Dave was the president of the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association (WNPA) and he would make regular visits to newspapers around the state. I always thought that took a lot of dedication when he already had weekly newspapers of his own to run.

When it came time for me to sell my 30-year-old outdoor recreation magazine 40 years later, I was happy to find that Dave had transitioned into the role of independent newspaper/magazine business broker. We met and hit it off! Selling a business, especially one that I had created, was stressful and full of emotional ups and downs. But working with Dave through the preliminary paperwork, emotional roller coaster of selling my 'baby,' to the final signing of papers with the new magazine owner was made much easier with Dave by my side. He was my teammate and I benefited from his decades of experience in human relations, business and the vast contacts he has in the publishing world. If you're selling your publication, I would highly recommend a preliminary interview with Dave. He really cares – and really knows his stuff!"

Carolyn Price, Former Publisher Outdoors NW Magazine Seattle, Washington/Wenatchee, Washington

"You are honest, have integrity. If you tell me something, I believe it. You are realistic about markets. While you present a positive picture of the properties you represent, you do not try to make them out to be something they are not. You provide one of the most comprehensive information booklets I have seen."

Buyer Bill Buchanan, President Buchanan Communications, LLC, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

“From start to finish, Dave Gauger did wonderful work when we sold our newspaper. He produced a beautiful full-color prospectus, and updated it regularly for potential buyers. Once he had a buyer lined up, Dave kept the process moving flawlessly with thoughtful and considerate attention to detail, leaving the seller and the buyer both very happy with the deal.  With Dave’s professionalism and expertise in handling a smooth transaction, the old and new owners, who never knew each other before, became good friends.”

Seller Sandy Stokes, Managing Partner La Conner News, LLC

"Dave Gauger was our choice for a broker not just because of what he did during and after the sale, but because he was interested in our operation for years prior to our decision to sell. As an experienced and respected publisher himself, he knew our challenges and opportunities from the inside. I have considered him a friend and mentor. When we did go on the market, he did an exceptional job representing us and seeing the process through."

Seller Scott Wilson, Former publisher, Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader Port Townsend, Washington


Our process begins with an appraisal so you can make informed decisions for your publishing business.